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"As I made my trek across Haven, I always found myself overwhelmed with the sheer immense size of the Wiega Tree. When I attempt to look at their treetops, I have to stop myself from falling over. If one wants to feel small, then look no further then the Wiega Tree, as they are the perfect way to do so"-William Tancard's: Haveborne Flora illustrated.


The Wiega Tree is a common species of tree found in the more temperate regions of Haven. They are most well known for the great heights that they typically grow to, and are most commonly found on the continent of Zazriel, though they can be found in smaller numbers in almost any temperate region. They have an estimated global population of around one billion individual trees, making them the sixteenth most populace species of tree to inhabit the planet.


The Wiega Tree is among Haven's tallest species of tree, growing at an average height of around seven hundred and seventy feet in the air, (234 meters) though some are known to grow up to heights of around two thousand feet height. (609 meters) Due to their massive size, they are deeply rooted trees, with extremely durable roots and trunks, as they need a large amount of support to keep themselves upright. As a result, they are one of the most durable species of tree on Haven, taking around forty thousand pounds per square inch to break their structure, making them almost indestructible to most natural means of damage. Their bark is also particular strong, taking a fairly large amount of force for a piece of it to be torn off of the main tree.

It will typically take a Wiega Tree around a hundred standard years to fully grow, as it requires a large amount of time and energy to grow, though these times can be increased substantially depending on the ultimate size the tree will take. Along with this, a Wiega tree does not produce seeds very often, only producing around ten every eight standard years, fairly low amounts for the many other species of tree that typically surround them. At the top of the tree, massive branches grow in large, random patterns that can vary widely from one tree to another, with no set pattern. These branches will continuously grow throughout a Wiega Tree's natural life, making them very large.


Due to the incredible durability of a Wiega Tree's wood, they are often used in the construction of buildings such as houses, and even a few commercial structures depending on location. And with the fairly larger Wiega Tree, one can gather several hundreds of tons of usable wood for construction, making the tree sometimes being favored over metals such as iron. Sometimes, the tree itself will be used as a structure, with several locations, such as the city of Sila's Woods, building rooms inside of the trees themselves as the larger ones can hold enough space to create small complexes.

Growing all around the tree, a specific a unique type of moss called: "Wiega Grass" is created through chemical secretions made from the wood with interactions of charged particles hitting it from the planet's parent sun, Hope. This grass is used to entice various creatures, such as birds, to feed upon it, thus dropping the seeds placed within the moss towards the ground. As such, many species of avian creatures will rely on the tree for a limited form sustenance, as the moss itself cannot be eaten in very large quantities as it can be poisonous in large doses, though some species are a immune to this affect.