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"Funny thing about the Woron. I've probably accidentally filled several graveyards worth of the small creature during my travels as they are often hard to notice and easy to step on. While most of these were unintentional, I can say without a doubt a good number of them were intentional as they are quite tasty." -William Tancard's: Guide to Haven's Glorious Creatures.


The Woron are an extremely common species of mollusca of the gastropoda family of fauna native to the various beaches and deserts of Haven, with a global population of around fifteen billion, making the Woron one the most common and populace Mollusca fauna known to exist on Haven. Due to their commonality, they are an integral part of Haven's entire biosphere, with each and ever ecosystem located in more barren regions of the planet using the Woron as the most important food source by carnivorous predator species.

As well as serving as an important food source to Haven's fauna, Woron are often eaten by the native populace of Haven, as its respective flesh is considered to be a delicacy by many Ambrosia Alliance species such as the main inhabitants of Haven, humans.


A Woron's baseline physical structure and appearance is very similar to most known gastropoda mollusca species, with a small slimy body, comprised of solidified calcium carbonate precipitated out into an organic matrix. Their physical structure is very flat and round, making them appear like a flattened grayish colored mass of gelatinous liquid. Their bodies are covered in various sensors that send signals to the Woron's small brain, giving the creature an overall understanding of the area around them, as they lack any form of sight, heating, or smell.

They are very slow, only being able to travel at a maximum speed of around 0.019 kilometers an hour, making them easy prey for almost any animal. However what they lack in speed they make up for in defense, as the shells that sit upon their backs are fairly durable, taking a fair amount of force to break. These shells are mainly used to protect the Woron's body from the boiling heat produced by Hope, as their bodies would otherwise almost instantly dry out, and once they sensed approaching danger, they will quickly retract themselves into their shells, in the hopes this will defend against the would be attacker.

Their diet consists of various small bacteria that exist on the ground they slowly move across, with their mouths specifically developed to function as a sort of microscopic vacuum, being able to consume large amounts of bacteria. A Woron will constantly eat at every moment of every day, and as they do not require sleep, a Woron will eat infidelity until' their lives come to an end, causing a single Woron to eat several billions of individual bacteria during their life time.


During a Woron's life, they will constantly wander a fixed location, typically an area of land only consisting of around ten feet in diameter. This small area of land will effectively be a Woron's entire universe, and there will typically around twenty individual Woron in any given area such as this.

They will wander aimlessly eating bacteria during most of the year, however during the winter months of Haven's standard year, male female Woron will begin to slowly approach each other, and once they reach the apotheosis of this, they will begin to mate. Once completed, a female Woron will almost immediately begin to lay eggs, eventually laying a clutch of around eight eggs in just one standard hour after. Afterwards, the eggs will hatch only five standard hours later and will emerge fully grown, as a Woron will do all of its growing inside the egg proper, and the cycle will begin anew.