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The Wreteren are a species of xeno beings originating in the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space. Coming from the Drakori Arm of the Galaxy, and more specifically the Nisu Drakori Arm. Their homeworld is the world of Petren but their official current capital is the ecumenopolis world of Duksis. They are the founders and main leaders of the Wreteren Syndicate, a criminal nation-like organization that works all across Herschel Space.

The Wreteren are a species divided into Tribes and Clans and in which honor and profit, as well as legacy are the main aims of their lives. Glory to themselves, their clan and their tribe is all that they desire. They are combasive in nature, ruthless and even sadistic. The only exception are the Wreteren in Petren which are called "The Peaceful Tribe" which has complete opposite morals to their Wreteren brothers. The Wreteren however regard them as "Keepers of Petren" and have honored to protect this tribe. About 98% of all Wreteren however live outside Petren. About 24% alone in the World of Duksis while most of the rest are scattered all across the Lewis Galaxy and Herschel Space.

Originally, a war-like species, they did not enhance scientific reasearch other than for things that might increased their war capabilities. However, they discovered some artifacts from ancient civilizations and thus used them to their own advantage catapulting them technologically to space travel and other scientific progresses. This is called in Wreteren history as "The Age of Advancement" as oppose to the prior age known as "The Old Age" to which they refer to the period in which they lived in one single world. The Age of Advancement was followed by "The Age of Settlement" in which they colonized several worlds. Now, they are said to be living in the so called "Age of Conquest " in which their only aim is to conquered most of the profit to be found and most of the glory to be taken from outer space.

Some have speculated that the Wreteren are a devolved species from some ancient civilization. Either the Xaeniu, one of the Irin Nations or maybe even the Telusians. There is a small theory that a Telusian colony was stablished in Lewis, but with the fall of the Telusians, the colony was quickly abandonned and the settlers were left alone to their own demise, creating the Wreteren. Supporters of this Theory have talked about the position of Petren as a very likely scenario for an early colonization of Lewis from the Telusians.


The Wreteren is a species of tall creatures with a set of 6 limbs, two arms and two legs made out of three fingers (an a thumb). They also have a double pair of eyes in each side of the head and are able to see the infrared light. Their body is pure muscle and their skin is hard and strong resisting intence radiation, toxicity and wounds. They have a set of small teeth and some large piecing ones in the back of their mouths. They can cause terrible injuries to humans, breaking flesh at will.

Females are shorter and slimmer, but generally more agile and turn to a bluish color when they mate. The female pulls a sack of eggs that hatches almost a day after they have been laid. The sexual reproductive organs are two holes that need to be joined up. Regarding other organs, the Wreteren have a large heart, a simple intestine and two stomachs.


Wreteren Warrior, from the fierce "Utrut Kewet" clan, and the sanguinary "Eretron" tribe


The Wreteren are born in the form of "Bakra" a sort of larvae or serpent form in a pool of water. Sometimes mud is also valid where they hunt for anything available. Usually other Bakra of the same pond. Thus, canibalism in this early stage is very common. The strongest of the Bakra end up eating the weaker ones. The total Bakra laid are around 100 or so, but only about 25 survive this early stage to their own brothers canibalistic nature. The pond and mud is guarded by the female Wreteren from any attack. Usually most females are related somehow (belonging to the same clan and tribe) and lay in the same pond so no child is known to who it belongs. They are only members of the clan and the tribe.


When the Bakra stage is completed, they emerged out of the mud or water where they were laid (that in about 2 years time). Then they crawled out and bury themselves to form a pupa. They stay like this for over almost a year when they finally emerge in their early child form called "Gaukra". The female also protect them in this period.

Once they emerge they are called upon seeking acceptance from the clan and tribe. They emerged perfectly able to speak but learn the language first and foremost. After this short "learning period" a ritual is made for them in which they start the so called "Meiretren", which is the name the Wreteren give to this phase of life. They get a distinctive tattoo to identify each Gaukra to which clan and tribe it emerged from (this doesnt mean they officially belong to the clan or tribe).

This is when things get complicated and from the original 25 only 15-17 will make it into adulthood. In this phase they have to fend for themselves and hunt. They have not yet devellopped their teeth or distinctive colors and defenses so they need to find very different means of surviving using their mind. This is the period where, if completed successfully, they are welcomed officially by the tribe and clan and nurture or tought. This period is called the training, in which the clan and the tribe would not feed them and would not acknoledge them as one of their own unless they are capable of defending themselves on their own. Stealing, killing etc are all favoured. However, much more experience Wreteren usually kill the younglings in this stages cause they usually end up getting themselves in trouble. Any strategy during this period is allowed. From just staying away surviving in the wild, to killing members of the clan to steal from them (which is not easy task). This period lasts for 5 years.


After 5 years, coinciding with their own start of puberty (devellopping color and sharp teeth) the Meitreren is said to be completed. Thus they are invited back to the Clan and Tribe they where born to where they perform the "Ritual of Passage". For the males, its a combat usually or a task that they have to perform with success. For the female is to prove they have reach fertility by leting themselves be impregnated by a male and thus successfully laying the first Bakra. Once the female has proven her fertility, she is welcomed to the clan and the tribe. When the male performs its task correctly it comes back and is given the "Abitre" Dagas and a tattoo is made on them that officially makes them a member of the clan. Then he would have to reproduce with females from other clans from the same tribe or sometimes other tribes as taking a female from the same clan is seeing as somehow incestous (as you cannot know if a female of the clan is your direct relative or not).

Mercenary from the clan "Atra Keret", from the "Maratran" Tribe

Old Age

When the Wreteren meet old age, or are in the late stages of their lives (when they start loosing their former strenght) they simply set a time and go to perform religious ceremonies. Then when its health becomes a burden they do perform ritualistic suicide, known as "Talakat".


Females and males from the same clan are forbidden to reproduce within themselves, so that they need to find partners elsewhere. The reproductive period lasts for over 2 months in which the female and the male undergo the "Ritrake" or changed of colors. Their skin becomes more orange for males and more bluish for females. Indicating their are receptive for reproduction. This thus marks the start of a conquest in which the male needs to impress the female with food or other goods for her to accpet his offerings.

The Female lays about 100 eggs alongside its former clan-mates in the communal Clan Pond, and from there, she is instructed to guard the pond with the other females. Most Wreteren lay their eggs on the same period. That is 4 months after the Ritrake has taken place. The event of laying eggs happens in a span of 4-5 days time between females and is called the "Mokrit".


The Old Age

Somewhere in the Past, the Wreteren were tribal peoples that organized themselves in large and larger tribes. With time, this elements have currently be mixed up and so was in the old age as mating was carried out with people from abroad which led to cultural imprints. This period is very much unknown in their history but we old know that they were very primitive and slowly build up to more advance populations.

The Age of Advancement

Sometimes also called "The Age of Progress" or "The Age of Discovery", it has marked a radical change in the Wreteren, from a very early civilization to a space travel and other advanced technologies. This was a crucial point in their history. Its an age in which the Wreteren discovered in the old caves of Tareket several ancient artifacts hidden there. In fact an entire abandonned city filled with ancient technology that helped those that found it to become technologically advance. The Caves of Tareket are a large cave system in Petren that covered different tribal territories, which led to many of them finding out technology over in them and use them to space travel.

The Age of Settlement

Also called "The Age of Expansion" was the time in which the Wreteren used the technology they had discovered to travel among the stars. They began to create their own colonies and It was then when they reached the world of Duksis and conquered the native peoples, the Umaki that had settled in the area. This made Duksis their main world as they had access to hyperspace lanes that had remained outside their reach till now. From then on, it seems a sort of war ensued between tribes and several of those tribes, like the Aburatta and the Metereken were forced out of the region and migrated to the worlds of Meksis in search of a new place to call home. Here they seemed to have encountered humans and thus decided to move away. They settled in the worlds of the Asuna Region that they call Miwotren. A seat of operation for both of this infamous tribes ever since.

The Age of Conquest

This is the current age. This means that the only ame to the Wreteren now is just expand their influence over the cosmos as much as possible, creating glory and wealth out of the poor weak creatures that live within the Galaxy.


Warrior from "Resu Ketret" Clan, from the "Morawat" Tribe.

The Wreteren are a species of War-worshipers and thus value combat as the most sacred thing. At the same time they also worship wealth and power in general. No morality exists in the Wreteren as all means to achieve power are good means. Killing the weak is common practice since a very young age and the Wreteren tend to perform many rituals to hardened the soft cores of any Wreteren to become ruthless survivors. They called the Galaxy the "Monster that Lures for your doom" and how you need to "Conquer it, and put it at your feet". They have conquered an economic niche for illegal activities of dubtious morals.

  • Petrenians

A subculture of the Wreteren, they decided to stay behind in the age of settlement and did not want to touch xeno technology. They live only in Petren and are considered one of the Tribes that conform the Wreteren species. Right after this schism, they adopted completely opposite cultural values and now among them Honor is the most important thing and thus morality is in high regard to them. Thus they do not kill their equals or any other intelligent being, and tend to dwell in pacifistic towns and cities all across the planet.

Ancient Temples do exists and the other non-petrenian Wreteren go there at times to wish good fortune in their endeavours. It has been declared that the Petrenians are holly and thus killing one is an offense to all other Wreteren. Doing so brings shame to the person, the clan and the tribe to which the killer belongs.

The Tribe and the Clan

Tribe and Clan are a key element in the culture of the Wreteren. Each an every Tribe has distinctive cultural elements. Some are more keen on open combat and regard wealth as unholly and disgusting while other tribes are excellent manipulators in which greed is the most valued trait. Around 40 tribes exist among the Wreteren and most of them are present in Duksis. Each tribe has also around 20-25 clans on average. Clan however is just a name that the Wreteren carry within each tribe and rarely has distinctive culture from the other clans of the same tribe.

Ritualistic Weapons

Ritualistic knives known as the "Abitre" are distinctive dagas that each tribe and clan has personalized. It is one of the holliest and most special objects of any Wreteren. This dagas alongside with body tattoos are the most evident signs of belonging to any tribe and clan. They are only given after the "Rite of Passage". Those without them have only the tattoos to identify them but this is a sort of shame for them as it means they failed at their Rite of Passage. This failure is a sign of weakness, and weakness is one of the most horrific traits of any Wreteren.

Main Tribes

  • Sekre: Known for their Ambition and gift for Manipulation. Seemingly relaxed, they are ruthless in their punishments. Many achieved high positions in crime worlds and are numerous among crime lords.
  • Maratran: They are called people of the sewers by their fellow Wreteren. The Maratran are known for their love of blood and for living in the most terrible places supporting conditions considered hard for many. Resilient to the core, they are terrible in open contact. Their Bakra can even thrive in polluted waters.
  • Eretron: Known for their courage and bravery, they do not know fear. Exellent warriors they are known for the use of the Axe and the knives simultaneously. During their Rite of Passage, the Gaukra younglings are paired randomly and have to fight each other to death. The looser is killed during the battle and the winner is fully admited into the tribe and the clan.
  • Morawat: Mercenaries that sell their services to anyone that pays enough. They can be found in many worlds and have a high degree of military discipline and more honor than many others of the Wreteren. They are smaller than many other warrior tribes and less strong but have precision when trowing projectiles at a large distance and are many in numbers.
  • Bretera: Known for their religiosity, this fanatics have abandonned all sense of logic and are known for their dedication to War gods of their tribe to the extend where they can fight to the last breath in a frenzy of faith. They are respected and used in many rituals by most of the Tribes.
  • Tawetren: The tribe of smithers, they are famous for their forgery skills and are the ones in charge of producing the Abitre dagas, a source of pride for the tribe as a whole. Most clans are focus on one aspect of forging (either swords, shields, axes, dagas, jewelry) and their right of passage implies forging your own Abitre and kill someone with them in combat, to prove their worth.
  • Pevatren: Its the tribe that lives in Petren, their homeworld. Very few Pevatren are ever seen outside Petren. Most of the time they are either in a diplomatic mission or are seeking some sort of commercial agreement. In few ocasions they favour the teaching of a Wreteren crime lord that seeks to humiliate their guest with their knowledge and has demanded for a Pevatren philosopher or teacher to be brought to him.
  • Writara: A cof Dexters they are slim and not strong compare to others but they have lean muscles that allow them to be quick and agile, sometimes as a sort of mortal sword.
  • Nurtruwa: A tribe of the Wreteren
  • Aburatta: A tribe of the Wreteren
  • Metereken: A tribe of the Wreteren

Notable Worlds