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Wytrov August Lycon, titled the Iron Soldier, is a freelancer mercenary and the founder of the Taford Resistance. Before founding the Resistance, Wytrov served in the 409th Infantry Division of the Arcahelm-Taford Armed Forces. Wytrov began to see through the government's deceit shortly after joining the military and went rogue. Wytrov worked as a bounty hunter for a period while maintaining his anonymity, which he continues to do by wearing his steel helmet in public. Wytrov was born into a poor household on New Taford, and he was bullied frequently in school, which mainly contributed to his despair in his childhood.

Wytrov August Lycon is a tactical genius who has outsmarted all his adversaries in numerous wars. This talent first emerged when Wytrov established the Resistance. While still in the 409th Infantry Division, Wytrov was but a naive soldier. Wytrov is a fearless soldier who has nothing to lose in life. This trait arose primarily during his time in the infantry, when he was compelled to fight on the frontlines alongside his companions, most of whom were killed. His tactical ingenuity eventually led to the Resistance's immense victory, liberating thousands of civilians from the vile regime.

Wytrov's tragic life is driven by hatred fueled by the Arcahelm-Taford Civilization. Wytrov was forced to see his parents and siblings being publicly executed in an open field for rejecting the civilization's authoritarian regime at a young age. His childhood friends, the only people he could confide in, the only ones who supported him, were cruelly slain beside him on the frontlines of utterly pointless wars. All of this has shaped Wytrov into the individual he is now, a reflection of a good man haunted by his past, a being driven by vengeance.


Early Life

Joining the Infantry

Going Rogue

Founding the Resistance



Wytrov is a white male human with an athletic figure. He is of medium height, standing at 182 centimeters. He is likewise of ordinary weight, weighing 98 kg. Wytrov is frequently depicted in his military uniform from his time with the 409th Infantry Division. The ensemble consists of dark green/gray trousers and a shirt, which is topped with a yellowish-green jacket. Wytrov sports his steel helmet in public, which covers his entire face save for small breathing and observation holes. A regular dark brown/gray military helmet is worn on top of that.

His left hand is covered in a gray glove, while his right hand is a prosthetic after he lost his original arm in combat. The prosthetic arm has a pure steel design that appears rough, plated, and rusted. A compass is mounted on the prosthetic arm for navigation. A bulky, light gray-colored air purifier sits on Wytrov's back, with a breathing tube directly connected to his steel helmet. This allows him to breathe in a hostile environments. Wytrov is frequently spotted in a vest with a variety of pouches, compartments, and gun holsters.



Parents & Siblings

Mike Claringhold