Xaridge V is a cold gas giant orbiting Xaridge A.


Xaridge V is not home to any sentient lifeforms, however there is a multicellular species living in the atmosphere of the planet.

It has 67 moons, 64 of which are merely asteroids.


Xaridge V was first discovered by the Xaridgar in 1925. It was determined to be a gas giant and not suitable for colonization.

The planet was mostly ignored when the Xaridgar were sending out their first colony ships and research teams, as they did not have any interest in it. However, in 2630, a research ship was sent to Xaridge V in order to briefly scan it. Not expecting to find anything, the scientists onboard the ship discovered the planet was home to an aerial species that lived in the gas atmosphere. The ship was turned into a temporary research station, position in the atmosphere of the planet. It researched the creatures, and their environment.

By 2700, the station had been upgraded into a permanent base, home to around 2000 Xaridgar at a time. Some inhabitants live there permanently, but most travel back and forward from Xaridge V to other planets in the system.

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