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"Life has a way of flourishing no matter the environment. And when an environment is utterly hostile to everything alive, life will build it's own environment to protect itself. And even then, it will flourish. You don't need to look further than the Xavier Co-Operative to find that out."

The Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate, often simplified to 'The Xavier Protectorate', 'The Xavier Co-Operative', 'The Protectorate' or 'The Xaviers', is a Faction in Verpletter. It is best described as a socialist system. They are close allies with The Commune Federation.

Located within the Cernunnos System, the Faction found it's origins not on a planet, but rather on the asteroid belt of the system - There were no inhabitable worlds within the system when they lost the ability to travel through star systems, so they had to instead resort to creating a series of O'Neill Cylinders and other such artificial settlements. Over the millennia, they would fill the entire asteroid belt, and they would rename it to the Xavier's Belt.

Very quickly, the laborers of the original settlers saw the fact that they were doing all the work to turn the asteroid belt into a livable interconnected capital as an indication that they should be the ones to rule over it, rather than the various fleet captains, whom had styled themselves as miniature autocrats. Due to this occurring very early on in the settling of the belt, the resulting civil war was very short, and very easily won by the laborers.

The resulting society was that of a socialist one, in which the workers of that society were the ones who owned the means of production. Commodity form was also obliterated - Resources were distributed to those who needed them. In addition, it's civic structures were dramatically improved, reducing unjust hierarchy and implementing workplace democracy as the default method of organization.

The Protectorate is particularly skilled when it comes to the construction of artificial habitats, and uses this as one of it's main exports to it's various allies throughout Verpletter. This has lead to many of it's allies within the Commune Federation, and The Sonoran Union as an incredibly valuable ally. In the same breath, it is seen as huge threat to those who oppose them, seeing their mechanical abilities as a threat to their various expansionist regimes.


The Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate was founded on a fundamental principle - Those who work are entitled to the fruits of their labor.

This idea shapes the Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate, from how it structures it's government to it's workplaces and businesses. Nearly every layer of life within the Protectorate is worker owned - Instead of having a boss, each company and business is owned by the people who work there, while they have managers, whom they democratically elect. In this society, much like the Commune Federation, the workers are considered the primary source of progression and technological advancement, and the backbone of their society.