Xeno is a constructed language intended to aid communication between species with anatomies too different to produce the same sounds. It has a script of 50 characters, each denoting a different sound. Some variants omit some of the characters in their writing, as the species using them cannot make 50 distinct sounds. It was designed in 5601 in the Yohjan Confederacy as a way to facilitate communication between the several species under its control. It has seen been implemented through the entirely through the Confederacy of Borealis and mostly in the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations. The language has over 21 octillion users, making it by far the most known language within the Local Universe.

Language Structure

The language of Xeno is designated as an entirely written language. While there are hundreds of dialects for one to speak Xeno to another member of their species, heavy differences in communication usually prevented contrasting species to communicate. However, innovation with brain-to-brain communication have allowed species to 'speak' to one-another using Xeno, by flashing images, symbols, or otherwise sending communications which can entail nuances in language.

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