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Ximnola is a large gas giant hovering at the edge of a lonely system in the Zalanthium Galaxy. Because of its danger and hostility, it has not been fully documented nor settled. The system it resides in is not claimed by any Foreign power. A planetary defence system, hidden somewhere below the clouds on the large Metal core of the planet, shoots down all objects of intelligent origin. When it was first discovered, it had no rings.


Ximnola is a large blue ringed Gas Giant with an abnormally large core made predominantly of a type of super-metal, able to resist pressures such as at the core of a gas giant. It has five moons. Other than these basic facts, nothing else is known about the planet. The system is shrouded in obscurity.


Ximnola has five major moons, but a lot of minor asteroid moons, as is characterised by this type of Gas Giant.


Illusium the largest Ximnolian moon. It is almost entirely made out of Ice, and is dominated by a massive impact crater at it's North Pole. It is hypothesised that it collided with another moon, destroying it, and scattering the debris.


Klimpon is a small micro moon, barely larger that a asteroid. It is only classified as a moon due to it's abnormally large gravitational pull. The surface gravity of it is almost one twentieth of a G, double that of Illusium. The surface is highly reflective, as it is covered in an unknown substance. Side Note: The defence system for the entire stellar system gives this body high priority. The first glimpse of it earned the ship that looked at it a gold-class ticket to death.


Ujkom is an unremarkable moon. It seems to have formed out of ice and rock, but very little else is known about it, for the same reasons as the system is shrouded in obscurity.


Eswah is the second largest moon. It is the only one with an atmosphere (Pressure: 0.17 atm, Comp: 60% Methane, 40% Other). It has lakes of liquid hydrocarbons on it's surface. It orbits extremely close to Ximnola, apoximatly 600 000 km.


Quimka is quite a remarkable moon. It is mainly a giant diamond, compressed carbon, but is encrusted with rock and ice.


The Ximnola Alpha system was discovered in the year 87 922. All attempts at categorising it, exploring it, colonising it, and generally visiting it in any way were abandoned in 87 925. In the year 94 833 a nebulae shield was constructed around it, making it look as if there was nothing there. From the inside, the stars would have disappeared. To this day, it remains blocked off from the wider Universe, and no plans are in motion for it. The mysteries of this system will remain mysteries.

Early History

Presumably the Ximnola Alpha system was formed during a large star-forming event approximately 3 billion years ago. From the circumstellar dust disk, arose multiple planets. One of these was Ximnola. We know nothing else apart from basic assumptions such as these.

Modern History

The Ximnola Alpha system was observed in the year 56 899, but only in 87 922 were any efforts to colonise and explore the system to occur. The first ship to arrive in the system was the Filirgip, a scout ship. It surveyed the innermost planet, before it was destroyed. Arpeggio was the next ship. It too, was catastrophically destroyed in what seemed like a reactor meltdown. The Defence System must have stepped up it's defences, as any ship to cross the 500 AU boundary from the central star was promptly destroyed. the only way we have gained any information on anything in this system is risky jumps into the system, getting a seconds worth of data, and then jumping out.


The Ximnola Alpha System. Due to the scale of the image, you cannot see Ximnola.

A zoomed-in version of the Ximnola Alpha system, this one featuring Ximnola.

The Ximnola Alpha System consists of two stars, a G and M class, and 14 planets. Almost nothing else is known about the system.


The Ximnola Alpha system is a gold mine of anomalies. First and Foremost, is the Ximnolan Voice.

Ximnolan Voice

When the Arpeggio arrived in the system to survey Ximnola, all speakers on the ship were commandeered with some extraordinary hacking. In a wonderful tone of voice, especially tailored to each crew member, it said "Extrastellar creatures, your attention please. This system is cordoned off for Primitive Surveillance. Please leave immediately. We will give you 12 standard hours to leave, if not, we will fire." The people of the Arpeggio thought it was a practical joke, and continued to survey Ximnola. Because of their sacrifice, we know almost all of what we know about the Ximnola Alpha System. Exactly 12 hours after the announcement was made, the ship detonated with a bomb that was somehow placed on it's surface. Traced back, this bomb was placed on the ship by a Zythn terrorist group, who were employed by the Human Underworld. Traced all the way back, they were influenced by the first object to come into contact with Ximnola, Filirgip. It is a temporal anomaly, with the Ximnolan Voice seemingly influencing things in the future.

Large Metallic content of Ximnola

The density of Ximnola is extremely heavy, due to the large metal metal content in the centre of it. There is no way for this metal to form naturally, so it must be artificial. The makers of this metal have been coined, "The Ximnol Collective."

Quimka Diamond

The content of the moon Quimka is largely compressed carbon, namely, diamond. A school of though is that the Ximnol Collective ejected the Diamond from the core of Ximnola, so that they could manufacture their secret base at the core of the planet.

Unstable orbits over a long period of time

Measurements of the orbits of the outer planets, including Ximnola, have deduced that they should have fallen into the suns or been ejected from the system long ago. Some force is keeping them in place. We suspect it is the Ximnol Collective.

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