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"The best supplier of arms and turrets since 87,900 CE" -Short Motto


The Xonuvis-Grepra Fusion Corporation, also known as XGF or XGFC, is a defense company originally founded as two separate companies, Xonuvis Arms and Grepra Defenses and their merger 87,900 CE. They are located on the Xonuvian capital city, and primarily manufacture infantry weapons and defensive structures primarily for the Federation of Free Jewel Systems and to some Independent Governments.

The Company has a division that is solely focused on producing shields and are located on Grepra.


The early history of the company is less about the company, but rather the 2 companies that would eventually become the Arms Giants of the Cluster. The earliest of their history starts with the colonization of the twin worlds of Xonuvis and Grepra. the first of the arms corporations, Xonuvis Arms was founded in 84,321 CE, and began making weapons for the Volkania Planetary Republic.

Around 35 years after the founding of XA, the Grepra Defense Company, also known as Grepra Shields was founded in 84,356 and began producing shielding for the Volkanian Republic Navy, which at this time, did take full advantage of shield technology, and Bearstennian Shields were weak at best, and nonfunctional at worst. The Greprian shields changed war tactics for the Republic, but not about of shielding could save it from completely collapsing...


The Collapse of the Republic lead Grepra Shields into a death spiral, as the contracts completely stopped. Xonuvis Arms was doing no better and was also on the brink of collapse. In order to attempt to save the company, they contacted Grepra Shields and asked to collaborate and created their first product, the XAGD-1 Repeating Blaster Turret Defense System.


The XAGD-1 Repeating Blaster Turret Defense System, a point defense gun. Despite its bulky appearance, the cannon was revolutionary at the time, simply for the fact that it was shielded. This might sound crazy, but most ground defense systems were unshielded, and could be destroyed by most starfighters, bombers and even sustained fire from infantry blasters. The XAGD-1 had the advantage of being more durable, and very effective at taking out starfighters and infantry.


In 87,900 CE, with the success of the Blaster Turret, Contracts began to pour into both companies from local defense forces. At this point the CEOs of both companies decided to merge their companies for increased efficiency, with final preparations, the Xonuvis-Grepra Corporation was officially conceived.

Notable Products

XGF-A5 Laser Rifle: A Compact Laser Rifle originally manufactured in 84,330 as the A1. The weapon consists of a Plastic like shell with a small Focusing Crystal. It also contains a scope that can connect to a soldier's helmet and magnify up to 8x. The standard weapon of the Federation of Free Jewel Systems.

XGF-A5C Laser Carbine: A Carbine Version of the standard A5, this version is almost the same apart from a removeable stock, making it perfect for Naval Infantry, Marines, Scouts, Paratroopers, Artillery Crews and other units. Often seen alongside its larger counterpart.

XGF-S4 "Sarnosia" Laser Rifle: A laser rifle originally created by the Sarnosians, a group of people from the planet Sarnosia. The gun is about the size of a carbine but has the power of a normal rifle. Used almost exclusively by the Federation Marines and the Sarnosian Defense Service.

XGF-A5M2 Laser Repeater: The Machine Gun version of the standard rifle, this variant can fire non-stop thanks to its advanced cooling system. Commonly used as a Squad automatic weapon.

XGF-T1 Turret: A double barrel laser turret used most commonly in Sutton-Class Light Tanks and as a ground defense.

XGF-M1 Light Multi Blaster: A four-barrel light minigun used by Heavy troopers, the weapon can be fire via power packs, or with a special backpack that acts like a mini generator, allowing for continuous fire for longer periods.