the planet Xovan is a temperate E-Class planet located within globular cluster RC 1191-61 in the Triangulum galaxy, and is the capital world of the Xovan Empire, encompassing the entire cluster.  the WDS Isvoy came here during her mission of exploration, but quickly learned how ruthless the local inhabitants were.  Upon arrival, she was attacked by two Xovite battlegroups.  Fortunately their weapons did next to nothing to her shielding, but she was forced to destroy three Zovite cruisers so she could cloak and study the planet and its inhabitants.

Once study was underway, it was learned that the top species of this planet was called the Xovite, but subjugated species elsewhere in the cluster call them many names.  "The Leechers" was a common moniker.  Also common was "The Destroyers".  It seemed that the Xovite attacked the Isvoy to protect their capital - they likely thought she was part of an invading army sent to topple the Empire.  The Xovite are an Early Type-II civilization, although they have colonized the entire cluster by settling a world, building up a space program on said world, then looking for another world they can conquer.

The Xovite

The Xovite are an extremely violent reptillian race 1 meter tall, and have evolved to breathe their 95% CO2 atmosphere.  They are far more carbon-based than most species, having their bodies composed of more than 50% carbon by weight.  They are nearly black in color, with a very slight hint of reddish-brown.  Their empire is a dictatorship run by the "Grand Xovi'"; he is so powerful among the Xovite that they obey him without question.  Unfortunately, no further information is availiable, since the Isvoy must stay cloaked at all times; any information is gleaned from local broadcasts from the planet, and any useful information is exceedingly scarce.

Xovite-run news sources state that one day they would love to overtake the Glitter Territories, but their warp drive is not advanced enough for the task; it can cross the entire cluster in 2 weeks, a speed far less than would be needed.  for now, they seem content on using other species in the cluster basically as cattle.  Any unicelluar life they come across is gathered, and their scientists engineer extremely lethal pathogens out of them.  If any species under their rule misbehave, or starts the seeds of rebellion, a specially-prepared pathogen is released on their planet rendering it sterile.  It then becomes another world claimed for the Grand Xovi'.

A Subjugated Species

Muraa I, homeworld of the Murazan

Captain Lerianne decided to visit a subjugated species, and so left the Xovan system in 2 weeks, and found the Murazan, living on a moon around a gas giant in a triple star system just 8 LY away (RSC 1191-61-3-61-12 A9.3).  They too are an Early Type-II civilization, or they would be if the Xovite didn't keep their spacecraft grounded at all times.  The Murazan are somewhat protected by their extremely thin atmosphere at 0.1atm, and so landings by Xovite are rare.  However, the Xovite have 5 battlegroups in orbit of the moon at all times, ready to respond at the slightest hint of insubodination.  Basically, the Murazan are free to do what they will, as long as they basically worship the Grand Xovi'.

Some Murazan were even able to escape to another moon around the gas giant, (A9.5), but it's much harsher for them because the atmosphere is half as thick.  Its atmosphere has nearly the same composition as the Murazan homeworld's atmosphere, except the atmospheric concentration of Xenon is much higher, making it breathable for them despite the pressure.  Both Muraa I and Muraa II trade with each other, but clandestinely using advanced cloaking technology as to not be detected by the Xovite.  It was gleaned from news sources that they are planning some kind of rebellion as well.

Unfortunately, Captain Lerianne has strict orders to not interfere in these matters unless being fired at, even though the Isvoy has enough firepower to topple the Xovan Empire herself.  The Captain understands why these rules are in place, as to not disrupt the natural order of things, and before she left the cluster she doctored a newscast and beamed it down to Xovan, claiming the three cruisers thaty were destroyed were actually destroyed by comets flying undetected through the vicinity.

Lerianne has dropped a covert probe on an airless, small planetoid in the star system (B1) to monitor the situation here, as well as on Xovan, and will submit a report to the top brass of the Glitter Territories.

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