The Yarshen are a humanoid species native to the planet Jinkesk in the Darkanesk system, within the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. They form an alliance with their neighbouring species, the Krietok from Krik, and the Paradeni from Paraden, forming the Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta, or the JPKT. They are considered an exotic species by many outsiders.


Yarshen are similar to Humans in many ways, but possess a few key differences that identify them as distinctly alien - They have no noses, have claws instead of nails, coloured teeth, green blood, three-digit hands, and white pupils.

The most famous distinction between the Yarshen and Humanity are the variety of skin tones - The Yarshen are well known for their vast array of skin tones, which usually consist of bright colours - Pink, orange, lime, yellow, etc. These are normally combined with a dark hair colour - Black, purple, maroon, etc. These bright colours often make them considered exotic by other species within Verpletter.

Outside of these differences, Yarshen seem to resemble humans in nearly every way imaginable. They are often considered to be extremely attractive by most humanoid species.

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