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The Yejinki are a species native of the Avana Galaxy, in Herschel Space. Their native planet was believed to be known as Yejin, today known as Hathor. It was a mayor civilization/nation, that extended over half of the Avana Galaxy. It was a long time enemy of the Obi'ka and the Telusian Civilization, who fought for control over the Avana Galaxy as a whole. They were finally defeated and its total population enslaved. They have lived as slaves ever since and for many millennia..

Today they live inside the Obi'ka Ke'Tar, however, some Yejinki are believed to have escaped and take refuge abroad or even formed its old small nations, but nothing is certain. This species as well as the Obi'ka are unknown to humanity, since contact hasn't been established yet, due to the great difficulty in accessing their civilization. Knowledge of their civilization has been research by many Xenoarchaeologists of the Lewis Nations but much information was lost after their defeat and enslavement, with some even erased or taken over by the Obi'ka.

Lewisians know little about them but have study their remains for long enough to realized their were on a similar evolutionary and technological level as the Telusians, although their society and norms are less present on the fossil remains, die to it being wipe out by their enemies and the enslavement of the Yejinki. Most of the Yejinki disappeared from Herschel Space along the Telusian Civilization's fall and are thought to be extinct by humanity. However, they do not know that some Obi'ka managed to scape and rebuild itself in the Obi'ka Ke'Tar nation, bringing with them many Yejinki, which in turn allow them to survive extinction.


They are known for having a creatine like skin, with four eyes and four limbs. They can see several spectrums of light. They evolved on a muddy humid and foggy planet and they evolved to cope up with that environment. They have a bluish or brownish tonne.

They have a digestive system based upon strong encymes that can digest any hard or soft item (this was made to eat crustacean like creatures native of Yejin).

Although they know the art of war, they left it for a more peaceful existence and scientific research until the great wars against the Obi'ka started, when they became more aggressive attitudes, although due to their more egalitarian and curiosity nature, they were not militaristic enough to be a threat to the Obi'ka.


They are reproduce by mating and are viviparous, something the Obi'ka consider disgusting and "proper of Slaves". They have around 3 or 5 offspring, and are relatively often ready to reproduce. Their issue rakes about 6 years to be raised into full adulthood. Gestation of the offspring is slow and can take up to 3 years. So usually, while raising their offspring, females were already pregnant with their next litter.

Former Civilization

The Yejinki were naturally divided in clans who evolved in nation-state. Their inner curiosity lead them to a pacific and scientific approach to the universe and its wonders. They started to expand early on and colonized several systems and planets. Soon, they discovered live and intelligent beings, but left them alone and study them closely. Due to this, soon they encounter the Obi'ka and fell on a cold war against them, which had a very militaristic approach.

The Yejinki had up to this point developed a sophisticated culture led by a Council of Scientist, a Directorate and a Parlament chosen by the people.

Soon, open war was inevitable. It lasted for millennia, until the Obi'ka managed to take the capital and destroy the central government, taking all the Yejinki under their control and enslaving them. They were then transported all over the Herschel Space, following their master's expansion. During the Telusian civilization, there were 7 slave revolts, two of which were either started by Yejinki or they had a strong participation on them.

By the end of the Telusians and the crumbling of their civilization, many Yejinki took over their masters revolting on mass against them and taking property of their lord's planet. Still, Chaos followed, isolation and massive starvation or attack by Telusian followed a massive extiction event for the Yejinki. Some devolved into animals or primitive aliens, that nowadays can be seen in some areas of Herschel Space. Xenoarchaelogist, Historians and scientist are working together to solved the mysteries of the Yejinki inside the Telusian Civilization.

Some Yejinki under control of the Obi'ka left with them to their new homes outside the region, in the event known as the Evacuation, in which a minority of the Obi'ka excaped their own extinction bringing with them many enslaved races, saving them from extinction as well. Among them were the Yejinki.

Current status

The Yejinki lived under slavery in the Obi'ka Ke'Tar Nation, when their masters, the Obi'ka escaped extinction. They brought with them some Yejinki slaves, some say around 0,1% of the entire Yejinki race, who had reached a population in the Quadrillon, was reduced to less than a Billion. Still, many survived and travelled the exodus with the Obi'Ka restablishing themselves as slaves. They have survived and thrived again in their new home.

The Yejinki have been always considered high status, since they were defeated after intense work by the Obi'Ka and due to their honor and status, they considered them honorable opponents and thus their slavery was more benevolent. They were always used as domestic slaves and all High-Middle classes have at least one, with the wealthier having at least 30 or 40 at their service in their mansions.