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Located 568.4 light years from Algwethmai, the temperate temperate terra of Yvol is remarkably similar to Algwethmai with a diameter of 12441.3 km and a gravity of 1.1 g. It has a semimajor axis of 0.9 AU giving it a year length of 343.8 days. Its day is 15 hours and 2 minutes. The planet has seven moons, two of which are S-Class. The planet is 7 billion years old.


The atmospheric pressure on Yvoli is higher than Algwethmai at 0.7. The planet has a mean temperature of 4.8 °C. With an axial tilt of 174° and 34’ the planet’s seasons are more noticeable than Algwethmai’s.

Mostly an oceanic world, the life in the water is much older than that of land.


The culture on Yvoli is very honor based where people value their honor as warriors and lawkeepers above all else. They currently live under a monarchy as they did in the past. Only the strong can become rulers.

The ultimate honor for them is to have a glorious death, whether that is from saving someone from being hurt or in battle. Their major religion reflects this. Their main requirement for entering their version of heaven is how much honor you had in life.

It has a global population of 1.1 billion Ingla, 12 million Hakoduil, and 3 million Githu.


Yvoli map

Discovered over a billion years ago by the automated systems of the Ingla arks, this world wasn’t settled until 67000 years ago due to some type of bug that kept the computers from opening them. When they did come out and discovered what had happened, they decided to not risk any more time in space and settle on the planet they orbited.

They landed on the only space of land, the southern continents and the surrounding islands. They had to keep their breeding habits in check for a while as the land they had was sparse and couldn’t be wasted. As their technology improved, these laws were relaxed a bit until they began to spread into the galaxy again a thousand years ago.

They first made contact with the Githu seven hundred years ago. Combining their skills they set out to try and find if their long lost brethren had survived the same way they had. Two hundred years later they made contact with the Hakoduil and the three species formed the Cooperative Imperium of Spheres.

They are incredibly fascinated with humans due to the stories of centaurs on Earth. They are the only race that they let ride on their backs.

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