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ZX-484 is an anomalous extragalactic supermassive black hole located in the Galactic Halo outside of the Flower Galaxy, under control of the Yslov Federation. The black hole is constantly under protection, with many capital ships detecting nearby ships. During present time, no civilians have ever come close to this black hole.


The ZX-484 system contains two dwarf planets, and a single gas giant. The first dwarf planet of ZX-484-1, also called has no atmosphere, and is empty. The same is with ZX-484-2, the second dwarf planet. The gas giant of ZX-484-3 has no moons, and is composed primarily of Hydrogen and Helium, giving it a faint beige/brown color.

The Anomaly

Scanner probes were initially launched inside the accretion disk to take a more detailed scan to show it's area of origin. The scans stated that the black hole originates from a galaxy trillions of light years away. At first, it was though to be a scan issue, but later that month, no issues were identified with the scanners. Even this day, the existence of this anomalous black hole has been kept hidden from the public until it's mystery of origin has been solved.

The black hole also appears to have an accretion disk which emits no radio waves at all, which is the reason it hasn't been discovered for a long time. Some advanced theories state that ZX-484 was created artificially by an unknown race of ancient Type-3 species, and was used as an advanced way to collect a high amount of energy.


ZX-C reacts to Oxygen giving it a look of fire even though it's cold.

ZX-C is an anomalous chemical element originating from ZX-484, with unknown alien properties.

Originally discovered close to the event horizon of ZX-484, about 300 years ago, ZX-C is still relatively under-researched. In any type of atmosphere suitable for carbon-based species, ZX-C reacts violently, taking the look of fire, which means all experiments with ZX-C have to be done in a vacuum chamber. No other sources of ZX-C except ZX-484 are known to exist.

ZX-C has been shown to create a massive electromagnetic burst when interacting with the radioactive gas of radon. This property is being researched often, and in the future it is expected to be used in EMP weaponry on capital ships, giving a slight advantage in battle over competing nations.

When put in extreme atmospheric pressure of around twenty atmoshperes, the gas generates a strong electric pulse similar to lightning, however able to disintegrate most known materials. Research is being made to see if this reaction can be weaponized. If successful, the nation owning ZX-484 could theoretically conquer many nations inside the Flower Galaxy with ease.

After spraying the gas inside liquid oxygen, the liquid oxygen anomalously turns into a mix of liquid ammonia and methane, suggesting that it can alter the chemical propositions of liquid oxygen, and rearrange the protons and neutrons. Mixing ZX-C with many other chemical elements is currently being tested.