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The Zalanthium Coalition is a superpower residing in the Zalanthium Galaxy and its surrounding clusters. It is a peaceful nation, avoiding war as much as it can due to the long history of conquest, unity, and then decadence of the galaxy.


The Zalanthium Coalition enjoys positive relations with the following:

The Zalanthium Coalition mainly ignores the following:

The Zalanthium Coalition is sanctioned against:


Currently, the Zalanthium Coalition is embedded deep within the Mirror Wars, a series of wars between it and a few of the nations of the Tarmalyula Galaxy. Because of this, living here is harder than it used to be, but the threat of invasion is low.

Member States

Nation Capital Prominent Species
Eswenti.svgEswenti Alis.jpgAlis Alisvania
QuestionMark.pngUnited Nations of Loki Loki.jpgLoki Physishius
QuestionMark.pngUnion of the Broken Nebulae Arlong.jpgArlong




QuestionMark.pngThe Federation of Star's End Nun Bulis.jpgNun Bulis Triminestra
QuestionMark.pngFullistra Commonwealth Wolocki Fullistra


Main Article: The Dreadcamp

The Zalanthium Coalition keeps the peace of the galaxy in a relatively peaceful way. Any wrong-doers or law-breakers are exiled from the galaxy, to the one station that the Zalanthium Coalition has outside of the galaxy: The Dreadcamp. It is a frozen wasteland with a large amount of naturally occuring valuable minerals. It orbits a large red giant star, that is located halfway between the Via Lacrimosa and the Zalanthium Galaxy. It is the only planet in the system, the others being ejected from it or swallowed up by the star. The planet has humane living conditions, but if you are sent there, you do not come back. You are exiled from civilization forever.


The Zalanthium Coalition controls quadrillions of people, hailing from the lush planets with no night in the Zalanthium Galaxy. All their laws are to do with the peace and safety of the people they govern. They only thing wrong with this is system is the fact that they can never decide. They do vote, but most then propose another resolution, revoke the previous decision.

Notable Planets

PlanetIcon.png Capitolis PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Loki PlanetIcon.png
Zalanthium Hub
Zalanthium Hub
Nulusian Arm
192 Billion
32.4 Quintillion
18 Billion

Nun Bulis.jpg
PlanetIcon.png Arlong PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Nun Bulis PlanetIcon.png
Zalanthium Hub
Nulusian Arm
Star's End
1.42 Quadrillion
32.58 Billion
1.02 Trillion


In the Zalanthium Coalition, many thousands of species inhabit the Coalition, most existing because of evolution, interbreeding and genetic evolution of the original couple of dozen.

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