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The Zalanthium Elders were a type 3.01 civilization to arise around 8 billion years ago in the Zalanthium Galaxy. They were founded by a species native to the planet Ilustra, orbiting a long-lost star. A lot is known about them due to the species Hulie being subjugated and controlled by them. They lasted for over a billion years, making them one of the most long-lived civilizations in the Local Universe. They never expanded out of the Zalanthium Galaxy, due to the lack of hyperlanes and the distance to the nearest galaxy. Or maybe it was because they never wanted too. Nobody will ever know.


Approximately 8 billion years ago the founding species of the Zalanthium Elders arose on the planet Ilustra. They expanded out, and conquered the rest of the galaxy. There was almost no life in the galaxy at this point, having just formed, the Zalanthium Galaxy was active and supernovae happened every day. As more and more species arose under their control, the Zalanthium Elders became a galactic superpower controlling the entire galaxy and it's six incredibly small clusters outside. These clusters were represented by the six spikes on the ends of the hexagon in the centre. The hexagon is supposed to represent the Zalanthium Galaxy, and how small it is compared to all the other galaxies out there. The Zalanthium Elders knew about the other galaxies, but they never went there for unknown reasons.


They controlled many planets, but even then the predicted population of the Zalanthium Elders was over the maximum capacity for every object in the Galaxy at the time. Only one of their Matryoshka Worlds survives to this day, the ancient planet Asxacmed. It had over a ten thousand layers, each layer catering to a specific lifeform. The outer layers had the coldest environments, the inner ones had the hottest. It was predicted that they had million of these, scattered all around the Zalanthium Galaxy, but many of these have collapsed on themselves or were vandalised in between the 7 billion years that separates us and the Zalanthium Elders.



Notable Planets