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The Zalanthium Galaxy is a medium-sized flocculent spiral galaxy, located in between Aylothn and the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy. There is a multitude of life forms in the Zalanthium Galaxy, which reside all around its billions of star systems, almost all united under the flag of the Zalanthium Coalition.


About 8 billion years ago, the Zalanthium galaxy formed. Some religions say that it was created by the Zalanthium Star Mother, as she fled from the Via Lacrimosa. Almost immediately, life sprung up. The first evidence for the Zalanthium Elders was estimated to come from around here. Not much happened in the billion years that the Elders ruled the galaxy, until they went extinct and the galaxy fragmented. The lifeforms that the Elders ruled over made their own factions, which collapsed almost as fast as they sprung up. Many wars were fought, and 100% of all life in the galaxy as eradicated. Over a million stars went supernova from artificial means during these wars. These wars sterilised the galaxy, and no life developed for the next five billion years. Only in the last 2 billion years has life picked itself up, and now the galaxy is flourishing with life and prosperity.

Satellite and Binary Galaxies

The Lance Galaxy

The Lance Galaxy is a tiny galaxy orbiting very close to the Zalanthium Galaxy's disk, in a extremely elliptical orbit. It is being slowly ripped apart by the gravity of its parent galaxy, and is being stretched out into a vast ring. It only has two contacted civilizations, and its outer fringes are slightly colonised by the Zalanthium Nations. The Lance Galaxy has almost no young stars, and most of its stars have very low metal content. Because of this, terrestrial planets are relatively rare, which further decreases the likelihood of civilizations developing.

The Lance Galaxy is home to many anomalies. Some nations call it the Castrella Galaxy, for some reason. The faint stellar ring caused by the galaxy's stretching out has been colonized by the Kingdom of Rolam, as their homeplanet is a extragalactic star system which is part of this thin band of light.

The Tarmalyula Galaxy

The Tarmalyula Galaxy is a spiral galaxy orbiting as a binary pair with the Zalanthium Galaxy, at around two and a half times the distance between the Lance and Zalanthium Galaxies. It is a spiral galaxy with relatively little gas in it, as well as a large quantity of ageing stars.

It is thought that around 4 billion years ago they both came dangerously close to each other, destabilising the Lance Galaxy as well as exchanging almost all gases and brilliant stars, leaving the Tarmalyula Galaxy relatively nebula-less, as well as filled with ageing stars and dwarfs.


Around 12 billion years ago

Around 11 billion years ago

  • The Tarmalyula Galaxy is captured into a binary orbit around the Zalanthium Galaxy, creating the Zalanthium-Tarmalyula Galactic System.

Around 8 billion year ago

Around 7.9 billion years ago

Around 7.2 billion years ago

  • The Zalanthium Elder civilization reaches its peak
  • The Atès System is thought to have been engineered around this time

Around 6.9 billion years ago

  • The Zalanthium Elders fall
  • The Billion-Year war begins

Around 6 billion years ago

  • The Billion-Year war ends
  • All life in the galaxy is rendered sterile
  • All life in the galaxy goes extinct

Around 4 billion years ago

  • The Tarmalyula Galaxy is thought to have exchanged its gases and and huge stars with the Zalanthium Galaxy.

Around 2 billion years ago

  • Life re-emerges in the galaxy

984 million years ago

  • The Resivali Civilization springs up, and unites the galaxy

975 million years ago

  • The Resivali Civilization falls, killing 35% of all life

871 million years ago

  • Hypothetical star Bulii's Grandfather goes hypernova, creating the 533-HY Anomaly

623 million years ago

  • The New Resivali Civilization emerges, and tries to unite the galaxy, and fails, plunging the galaxy into yet another war

622 million years ago

  • The New Resivali War ends, and completely wipes out the Resivali species.

132 million years ago

34 million years ago

34 921 BCE

34 312 BCE


Currently, the Zalanthium Galaxy is under the jurisdiction of the Zalanthium Coalition, made up of the millions of lifeforms that evolved on their separate worlds. Only three civilizations refused to merge with the Zalanthium Coalition, the People's Republic of New Aegyn, the A'mmlikalis Federation and the B'illisik Matrix. Both of the A'mmlikalis and the B'illisik are in a state of constant war with each other, and the PRNA is xenophobic and isolationist. Luckily, the aformentioned first two are only type 1.4 and 1.3 respectively, so no supernova weapons and gamma ray lasers.

Notable Systems

Notable Zalanthium systems include:

  • Vilmis System
  • Muo System
  • Capitolis System
  • Chaos System
  • Atès System

The Galaxy doesn't have many. due to its large capacity of giant stars.

Colour, Structure and Stars

The colour of the Zalanthium Galaxy is unique, only matched by the Ambrosia Galaxy. This is due to it having the most amount of Nebulae of any Galaxy. This is a very active star-forming galaxy, with over 60% of its stars being non red, orange or yellow dwarfs. The gas clouds are being lit up by the blue-white light of these stars, creating the purple colour of the galaxy. Thousands of Supernovae happen a year, so all life in the galaxy is incredibly radiation resistant, having many stars nearby exploding every year. On most planet, there is little night, having many extremely bright stars nearby. The largest of these megastars is a anomaly. Having bypassed the Eddington Limit by a lot. It has over 360 Solar Masses, having formed from over 5 large stars merging with it. It is called Bulii, and has 3 binary companions. Two of these three are Wolf-Rayet stars, and are scheduled to collide with Bulii within the next hundred millenia. It is located at the centre of a incredibly packed super star cluster, which is very close to the centre of the galaxy. Due to it's active nature, almost all life in the galaxy has evolved on the edges of the galaxy. The average distance between separate stars in the Bulii Cluster is 0.5 Light Years, and eventually all stars in the cluster will collide, and the star resulting will blow itself to bits, annihilating all planets within 100 Light Years, and all life, radioactive resistant or not, would die out within 1000 Light Years. There is a plan to use a huge stellar engineering project to move the stars or siphon off mass to create a million new sun-like stars, which habitable planets could orbit. It would be hard, but well within the capacity of the Zalanthium Coalition.

Companion Clusters

The Zalanthium Galaxy has six globular clusters orginised in a rough hexagon around the galaxy. Each of these are tiny, only a couple of thousand stars, but to the Zalanthium Elders they were the frontier of space. They held these six clusters to high esteem, and at the centre of each one was a matryoshka world. It was in the cluster Marlae, that the Zalanthium Coalition found the world Asxacmed.


The Zalanthium Galaxy with Labels

The Zalanthium Galaxy has 4 spiral arms, named the Servalis, Nilis, Nulusiam and Mixel arms respectively, and a semi-spiral arm named Star's End. The centre of the Galaxy is called the Zalanthium Hub. It is the most populous region of the galaxy, due to the lack of nebulae there, and therefore powerful stars.


Many forms of life arose in this galaxy in the last million years, and many pointless wars had been fought. The most pointless and deadly of them all was the War of Milisa Succession. To unify the entire everyone, it was proposed that a galactic government be founded. Inspiration for this came from the Confederacy of Borealis. Eventually, almost all the nations in the galaxy signed this treaty, forming the Zalanthium Coalition. Only two civilizations remained, the A'mmlikalis Federation and the B'illisik Matrix. The B'illisik Matrix was never invited, as it was a Artificial Intelligence, and the A'mmlikalis Federation refused any offer to "be annexed into a Coalition of cowardice and filth." The A'mmlikalis and the B'illisik are in a constant state of war, as the B'illisik rebelled from them.


The Zalanthium Galaxy has thousands of species residing within it's purple clouds. The table below demonstrates the amount of life this Galaxy Holds.

Species Homeworld Percentage Population Seats in the Zalanthium Coalition (Out of 100)
Triminestra Nun Bulis 11.2% 16
Intruister Belumak 11% 2
Vulisa Arlong 10.1% 15
Xemnia Qilam 9.4% 13
Ce Qilam 8% 9
Fertasiis Minas 6.4% 8
Swemni Kilasa 5.9% 7
Alisvania Alis 5.6% 6
Deasa Lim 5.4% 6
Humans Aegyn 4% 5
Fells Cewqua 2.9% 4
Physishius Loki 2.2% 3
Vexlores Err 2.1% 3
Zythyns Lorokira 1.7% 2
Humeiga Aureiga-Selos 1.6% 2
A'mmlikalis Burihi 0.7% N/A
Zurons Atrillon 0.5% 1
Other Species N/A 23.% 1
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