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The Zalanthium Star Mother was (or maybe still is) a extremely powerful psychokinetic individual that is credited with creating the Zalanthium Galaxy. Not many people believe this, but it is recognised as a religion in most parts of the Local Universe. More likely, she was a incredibly talented Magi for the Zalanthium Elders and during the breakup of the Zalanthium Elders she fought "with the power and ferocity of a million stars."


Very little is known about her. Most of the things that mention her are nonsense, but occasionally there are some grains of truth. An excerpt from the Zalanthium Star Mother's Creed Holy Book, the Holy Star Mother:

...she was born on a long-lost planet orbiting a long-dead star in the Via Lacrimosa galaxy. She fled from religious persecution, and arrived in extragalactic space. The only star within a million lightyears was a red dwarf, feeble and faint, but she went there. It had one planet, the Zalanthium World, and she settled there. From there, she proceeded to create the galaxy...

This is likely nonsense, dreamed up by some author, but it may have some truth. One of the most reliable facts about her is the fact that she was not born in the Zalanthium Galaxy. She migrated to the galaxy, or created the galaxy, and then lived there. Due to her complete mastery of Entropy, she is probably still alive somewhere in the Universe, but we do not know were she is.

Miracles attributed to her (by the Zalanthium Star Mother's Creed)

Many miracles have been attributed to her (most by her religious followers), and most are completely made up. The only real miracle that we have solid, historical evidence for taking place was the creation of the Field of Lights. A massive, high-density yellow supergiant star with one planet was situated near the centre of the galaxy. So the legend goes, she "toiled for many years, constantly working, constantly powering the star at thee centre. After many years, finally subduing the star in thee sky. It bent to her will, as she manipulated the bonds and energy of it's bulk. Finally, she spoke. 'Let it be known, that this place shall forever be known as the Field of Lights. This place shall power all those like me, the witches, wizards, magical people that do not know their power and are downtrodden because of it. Let it be known that this place shall multiply their power a thousandfold. My children, my galaxy, with this parting gift, I leave you.' Then, she vanished into thin air."

According to this legend, she created the planetary nebulae now known as the Field of Lights. She controlled the star using the Nuclear and Electromagnetic Sects. Eventually, once she disappeared, the star went novae, creating the planetary nebulae but not destroying the star.

The Zalanthium Galaxy, the galaxy she is credited with creation.

Historical Fact

As has been emphasised a lot, we know very little about the Zalanthium Star Mother. The only reliable facts that we have are:

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