Zefariets are an aquatic species native to the Cosmoria Galaxy. Living at the depth of around 150m, it is known that the Zefariets can plunge to depths of over 6km, as a result of its very resistant bodily features. More evolved Zefariets may live much higher or lower, with many recorded to live in the depths of trenches. They have an average length of approximately 100 meters, but others have been observed to grow beyond 200 meters.

The Zefariets also hold a notoriously tough skin and network of bones, which make them hard to kill. They also hold regenerative properties, which allow them to regrow limbs and other bodily sections. The nations of the Cosmoria Galaxy have noted this, and as a result a massive extermination effort is underway with meager success.

Very unusually, the Zefariets have been observed to exist across ~16% of oceanic worlds, with leading theories suggesting that the Rifters intentionally planted this species on these worlds. Considering their apparent xenophobic behavior, the Rifters are prime candidates for spreading such species, likely to mitigate the chance of any sapient lifeforms being created.


Zefariets have a rather bulky and predatorial appearance, holding a very crustacean body and many large claws. Other appendages have been noted to aid in the development of locomotion underwater. The Zefareit also have large laws which appear to detach in order to take in a massive amount of prey. Other Zefariets are a lot more toned down and streamlined for aquatic travel, as evolution usually takes its course for them. Others have known to have their biological chemistry morph so severely that they are able to feed on unicellular organisms. This is accomplished through filter feeding of such organisms, though this is noted to be very rare through Zefariets.

Most Zefariets are characterized by their bio-luminescent hues, which allow them to intimidate other lifeforms, or to see in certain abyssal situations. While it does take up a lot of energy, it is still easily accomplished. Other Zefariets have evolved to save their energy for other climates, attuning to them over millions of years.


Zefariets are extremely hostile, typically attacking smaller aquatic organisms. The Zefariets have also been noted to be very social, hunting in packs and having a small system of community. However, many Zefariets are known to go rogue, hunting by themselves. Others have known to cannibalize, but this is obscenely rare in terms of the Zefariets.

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