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The Zegreus is a special capital-class starship that was produced by Andromia after a special request by the Varaxian Federation. Zegreus is considered the current flagship of the Varaxian Astronavy. Zegreus is a completely unique ship, associated with no models or ships of its type.

As the flagship of Varaxian Astronavy, the Zegreus has participated in numerous cosmic conflicts across the Palioxis Starfield. The Zegreus aided the Varaxian Federation in reclaiming the thousands of star systems seized by the short-lived Autonomous Cosmic Union during the War of the First Dawn. The Varaxian Astronavy was pushed to the verge during the Avaxian Conflict, but when the Zegreus emerged, it decimated the hostile vessels, guaranteeing the Varaxian Federation victory.

Serving on the Celestial Stardream is seen as a tremendous honor, as only the brightest of the Varaxian Astronavy are considered for a position on the starship. Anyone, even new recruits whom show great promise, is eligible for duty on the Zegreus. The acting commander individually recruits all of the new crew members, relying on their own judgment. If crew members so want, they might also request particular people.


Sublight Propulsion

Zegreus accelerates at sublight velocity with the power of five rear xentax-7 engines of variable size. If the Zegreus' engines are left operating for a month, it theoretically could achieve velocity somewhat higher than half the velocity of light. Nonetheless, this is regarded as a tremendous accomplishment, as Zegreus' fuel stores can only last for a month, leaving the ship stranded at extremely fast speeds if it did not have Quantum Shift Drive.

The interiors of each engine are encased in avasteel and contain multiple chambers and rings. Auxiliary ion engines would activate if all of the engines failed. The engines can also be controlled separately from the command bridge. The Zegreus' engines are powerful enough to ram a capital-class spacecraft and successfully destroy it.

Quantum Shift Drive

As previously stated, Zegreus is a one-of-a-kind ship. This does not preclude the Zegreus's Class 0.5 Quantum Shift Drive. Although classes lower than one are prohibited by law, the Zegreus is an exception. With this powerful FTL drive, the Zegreus can travel at a maximum speed of 15 light-years per second.

Hardlight Shielding

The Zegreus has an amazingly efficient Hardlight shield instead of conventional shielding. This shield take a long time to breach compared to ordinary shielding, and it deflects all types of projectiles and concentrated energy rays fired at the Zegreus.