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One of the inhabitants of Isiaeor.


An aquatic race, the Zemus resemble large tadpoles with powerful arms and legs, although they are much larger and vastly different internally. Mature Zemus have a body length of one meter. Their head resembles that of a lizard, two eyes, a gillike nose and mouth with teeth that resemble those of a shark, as they are carnivorous in nature. They do have something like gills on the side of their bodies like that of many terrestrial fish. They can be on land for a limited time but cannot survive up there.

They have the ability of camouflage which helps them to escape the bigger stronger predators in the oceans. They live naturally to the age of around 130 to 160 years of age.


They formed in their planet’s oceans around 2.2 million years ago near their equatorial region. They didn’t spread out right away but stuck together and made a small civilization before moving out to explore their underwater habitat. They went forth as barbaric conquerors and managed to create a large empire in one of the oceans that existed in the middle of three small island continents. There they stayed for thousands of years until a large asteroid strike obliterated one of their largest cities and polluted their water for thousands of kilometers.

Because of this they took to exploring beyond their borders and discovered that their world was much larger than they had ever known. Those who went north discovered a much larger ocean where they decided to attempt to resurrect their old empire and eventually succeeded. Those who went west found rich feeding grounds and formed something akin to a democratic republic.

For a million years the two cultures had no contact with each other and had all but forgotten about each other. However they hadn’t forgotten their old empire. Finally around 12000 years ago both cultures sent expeditions to their ancient home to see if it was safe to return. The expeditions headed to where their records said that the old empire’s capital had been. Both ran into each other and got into a fight. Both sides lost heavily. Only a few survivors made it back to their homes to report what had happened.

This started a long war (later known as the Old Empire Wars) between the new empire and the republic. While the republic had more advanced weapons and technology the empire had numbers. The war lasted for two hundred years until the final battle in the old empire’s territory where both sides fought. In all the confusion an ancient nuclear weapon made by the old empire detonated, wiping out both armies.

In fear both sides ceased hostility, fearing that their enemy had made a WMD. Peace talks started and both managed to convince the other side that they had not made a weapon like that. A peace was brokered and it was decided that the territory of the old empire, which by now was liveable again, would be settled by people of both sides, creating a new country.

This new country quickly became the world’s most powerful Zemus civilization, excelling in technological innovation. For 9000 years they continually increased in technological superiority. Their ultimate goal, however, was to discover what the strange rainbow lights in their skies were.

Finally, they reached a technological level where they could launch a probe into the sky. They did so in 9521. They made contact with their sky brothers, the Vionia. They managed to create a language that both species could understand in a short time and made actual first contact that same year.

Having accomplished their goal they moved to their new goal. They had learned from the Vionia of the conditions of the upper atmosphere and more of the stars, which they assumed were all Vionia. With this new information, all three countries began a joint venture to create ships that could explore the place beyond their own planet. They launched more probes deeper into space, taking readings.

When they had a good idea of the nature of space they built manned ships, telescopes and even one massive space station. The time since first contact has become known as the Age of Enlightenment for both races. Their knowledge of the universe has expanded rapidly in only five hundred years. They explored and colonized a couple worlds and many asteroids with their Vionia brothers and sisters.

In 9972 both Vionia and Zemus developed a primitive but working Warp Drive which they used to explore their nearby worlds. They found worlds that could possibly be used as colony worlds.

In 9992 Zemus sensors detected a strange artificial probe entering their atmosphere and this was confirmed by the Vionia. The probe turned out to be from the Confederacy of Borealis. With the discovery of a powerful extragalactic civilization, the Zemus were unnerved and prepared for war. But after seeing how the strange land dwelling species came with no weapons they relaxed.

They sent representatives to a capital planet of the Confederacy, and even established a colony on a world in Via Aylathiya. They are now one of the first extragalactic members of the Confederacy.


In the beginning they were a race of cruel barbarians who saw the world as nothing more than their plaything. They conquered their oceans, hunting some of the earlier forms of life into near extinction. However, with the asteroid strike they learned to be more respectful of their oceanic environment. They were still conquerors but they were more cautious.

With the advancement of technology and the discovery of a way of life vastly different than their own with the Vionia, their attitude towards their own world has tempered more. They began to look up to try and expand their race lest something like what happened in their earliest history should happen again.