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The Zendaria Field is an average-sized Field located within Primordia's Realm of the Palioxis Starfield. Separated from it's neighboring Fields by distance, the Zendaria Field remains lightly inhabited by the Anixides' Throne and Singularia, the two dominant superpowers in the Starfield. As of the current day, only two hundred seventy eight colonized worlds remain within the Zendaria Field. Besides it's distance, several other factors contribute to the uninhability of the Zendaria Field. Most notably is it's dense collection of stars near it's center, which heavily complicate any sort of superluminal travel.

Zendaria Field's heart, unlike ordinary Fields, houses a supermassive black hole known as Zendaria Prime. This extraordinarily enormous black hole, which is around several hundred AU's in diameter and boasts an accretion disk spreading outward to several light-years, is one of the largest ever recorded. The Zendaria Field, on the edges, is a desolate wasteland with one star per ten cubic light-years. The Blazing Heart, the Zendaria Field's center, is a group of stars clustered in a ten-light-year-long area stretching outward from Zendaria Prime. The typical distance between stars in the Blazing Heart is roughly a single AU, making travel using the Quantum Shift Drive nearly impossible. The Starcloud of Zendaria, a cloud of mostly low-mass stars circling in a thick ring around Zendaria Prime, stretches forth a hundred light-years from the Blazing Hearth.


The name of 'Zendaria Field' was inspired by Zendiraia, the Goddess of Fire in ancient Zaraeth religions. Originally named after the mythical Goddess of Fire, the Field was subsequently renamed Zendaria, which means 'blaze' in Arxania's Basic, the most widely spoken language in the Palioxis Starfield.

There are several titles for the Zendaria Field. The most common of them is 'The Blazing Cluster', which represents the Zendaria Field's blazing star-cluster-like beauty. The second most popular title is 'Hell's Awakening', which refers to the Field's hellish appearance.


Zendaria Prime

Blazing Heart

Starcloud of Zendaria

Notable Worlds

PlanetIcon.png Cavelronia PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Theras PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Zonia PlanetIcon.png
Zendaria Field, Kandemium Field Cluster, Primordia's Realm, Singularia
Zendaria Field, Kandemium Field Cluster, Primordia's Realm, Singularia
Zendaria Field, Kandemium Field Cluster, Primordia's Realm, Anixides' Throne
Unique Attributes:
  • Most populated world of the Zendaria Field
  • Host to a massive Starlane hub
  • Had seven great extinction events in two billion years
  • No significant aquatic ecosystems
  • Least populated world in the Zendaria Field
  • Orbits a system of binary gas giants