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"The First Raivo Colony, this world is a special place to them as it was the first step the species made into the unknown. This Gas Giant, rich in mineral ores, make it special and its brownish color makes it a beautiful spot to contemplate. While other species didn't make it here, the Raivo did, and that in itself is a source of pride among them." - Theresa Alburg, report on Alien worlds.

It's a Gas Giant Planet located in the Heiron System in the Edai Galaxy, and thus inside Herschel Space. It is famous for its beautiful rings and as one of the most prominent colonies of the Raivo species who live in the Rings. The Planet belongs to the Intergalactic Federation.

It's the second most populated world in the Heiron System, and all its population is made of Raivo with a very tiny minority of other Alien species and Humans who are traders or military personnel of the Federation. The economy of Zerun is mostly based on Chemical processing, mining and services and to a lesser extend it is a popular vacation spot for Raivos of Retoria. From here, many Raivos have settled other Gas Giant Rings in far away systems. Relations with their Raivo brothers in Retoria have always been cordial.


The Gas planet used to serve as a mining colony of the Telusian Civilization and many slaves from the ancestors of the Raivo species were brought to the planet. However, during the Fall of the Telusians, a slave revolt occurred in Zerun, and soon the Telusians were either killed or expelled from the Planet. However, the slaves either due to infighting or misused of the Telusian technology (usually by a lack of knowledge on how to use it) were overrun by problems (such as growing food or produce water) and the survival became impossible. This cause the species to die out and the rings became a silent tomb of what had happened for millennia until the arrival of their counterparts of Retoria who were successful unlike them.

Millennia later, in the year 12 088 CE, the Raivo from Retoria arrived to colonize the rings, and found out what had happened. They investigated the remains and studied the archeology of the site. The early settlement soon evolved into several cities of importance.

The Rings became a rich source of materials and the chemical gases of Zerun were taken soon after.



The total population of the planet is 12 Billion, 99,8% of which are Raivo and 0.2% are other Aliens or Humans. This is due to merchants and military personnel stationed in the Rings. The Raivo live on several large settlement on the Rings

  • The City of Revani, its the largest city and the main center of mining and services. It has a total population of over 3 Billion and its constructed through several united asteroids, floating in the vacuum of space. The city was founded by the old Telusians and the Raivo Colonist took advantage of the previously set structures. Obviously the name and the modern city are completely different to the previous Telusian settlement. An important Xenoarcheological site exist here.
  • The City of Avisar, its the second largest city and is very important and significant in the Raivo mindset as it was the first colony established by the Raivo outside Retoria. It is spiritually significant. Economically, most of it is based on services and to a lesser extend to mining and other activities. Most services produced here are looked after in other cities. It is also very scientific and research driven, holding one of the largest Biology labs and Xenohistory archives of the Rings.
  • The City of Olva, is the the third largest city but the Capital of the Zerun dominions. It is as well a center of important industry and cultural significance as it was once, the main settlement of the Proto-Raivos that in Retoria gave rise to the Raivo but that did not succeed in Zerun.
  • The City of Mers its the main agricultural center of the rings of Zerun. Most of its economy is driven to produce food resources to feed the rest of the cities. However, they are in turn dependent on the water provided by the mining activities of others cities.
  • The City of Ruva it's mostly famous for its water production that is exported to the rest of the Zerun cities. However, they are also heavily reliable on the products the other cities produce, such as food and services (like health). Mining in General is the most important activity as it is located in a very mineral-rich section of the rings.