The Zeta Reticuli System is a major binary star system (Zeta Reticuli A and Zeta Reticuli B), located approximately 39 lightyears form the Sol System. As a result from its close distance and highly valuable planets, the Zeta Reticuli is a prominent star system for trading and industry. The Zeta Reticuli System also contains four megastructures, which are a Star Lifting site, a complete Dyson Sphere, and two Stellar Ring Worlds. The energy and resource output of the system completely satisfies the demand from the many space stations and structures which orbit them. This also makes Zeta Reticuli a very prominent exporter in energy and metals.

The entire star system of Zeta Reticuli A&B is barren - containing no planets. This has given way to unrestricted construction of megastructures, which is what gives the star system much of its charm. The living space acquired by the two ringworlds have given the system an enormous population.

The vicinity around Zeta Reticuli is covered in all sorts of space stations, including those belonging to many native and foreign corporations. Companies like Tundra and Takanashi Antimatter have many centers which orbit around Zeta Reticuli, which generate a ludicrous amount of profits. Some space stations orbit the area around the ring worlds, which gives them high trade value and some proximity value.


There are two ringworlds in the Zeta Reticuli Star System, named the Babylon and the Centurion Ring Worlds. Each ring world holds trillions of inhabitants, which consist of foreigners, native inhabitants, and varying species of flora and fauna. In these rings worlds, overgrown sections of jungles and marshes to fully urbanized areas exist in a stable harmony. There are even some sectors which are dedicated to the comfortability of foreign species, which allow for a high population and wildlife diversity,

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