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As an anomalous gene was introduced to a Lumu family hundreds of centuries ago, the Zeth began to evolve over the course of several centuries. Eventually settling within the Terran Bubble of Nilus, they have become one of the more prevalent species within the region. While their appearance matches that of the Lumu, the they possess numerous distinctive traits which separate them from the aforementioned species. Sharing their fate with several additional minority species, the Zeth were enslaved by the Dictatorship of Tyvus.

The Zeth are tall, long-necked humanoids known for their selflessness and deep sense of honor, which have bound them in their expansion to conquer the dark depths of space. Naturally attracted to technology and areas of civilization, the race is abundantly observed near worlds such as Indar. Described as the greatest architects of the Terran Bubble, they have founded a number of the region's most vital worlds from scratch, earning the utmost respect from many civilians.

Differences from the Lumu

The Zeth have a white-red skin coloring as a result of an aberrant gene changing the Lumu's synthesized pigment. Furthermore, the Zeth feature large pupils that appear to be pure white in hue. Additionally, the Zeth can perceive a much wider variety of hues than the Lumu, more than twice as wide as the average Lumu. Heavy levels of radiation can also cause tingling in the Zeth's ears and a heavy feeling in their head. As a result, while approaching stars or other radioactive celestial bodies, the Zeth require sophisticated radiation shielding. The Zeth, unlike the Lumu, have only one stomach divided into three chambers. Plants are digested in one chamber, meat is digested in another, and stomach acid is produced in the third. There is no known reason for the Zeth to have this trait.

The Zeth's behavior is regarded as more unpredictable and aggressive than that of the Lumu. This is the primary reason why only a small percentage of Zeth join the Terran military. Despite this, the Zeth are a generally pleasant and pacifist race that seeks to extend their knowledge and form lifelong friendships. The Zeth have two days per year when the chemistry in their brains changes slightly, causing them to become more irritable and hostile. Nonetheless, specialized drugs have been developed to lessen the severity of these side effects. Furthermore, the Zeth are far sharper than the Lumu. A Zeth's average Intelligence exceeds that of a Lumu, and a juvenile Zeth can comprehend far more complex mathematics and physics than an adult Lumu. As a result, many of the Terran Federation's most well-known scientists are Zeths.