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View of the Binary Zeurel System

The Zeurel system is a binary one, located in the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space and deep in Unionist territory. It is composed of two stars, Zeurel A, a White Star of the main sequence and Zeurel B an Orange Dwarf Star.

The System belongs entirely to the Union and is one of the most important systems of this nation, as well as one of the oldest and most populated in the territory of the Union in the Lewis Galaxy.

The total population of the System is 224 Billion.

Zeurel A

Zeural A System

Its a White Star and is the least populated and the least important of the two systems. It holds only one habitable world, and most of the rest is made of mineral outposts, military bases and orbital stations. The system has 5 planets orbiting, of which 3 are gas planets and 2 rock planets. The total population of the System is 43 Billion people. They are as following:

  • Maikomai: It's the only habitable world. It has been largely debated if the planet was terraformed or not. Conclusions an theories are still active. It is covered in lush savannas and scattered forests. Little lakes or oceans exists on its surface, being most of all waters underground deposits, this is due to the lack of heavy rains, and the moisture of the soil of this world. Heavy fog and moisture cover the world. It has a total population of 20 Billion inhabitants.
  • Pakaun: It a gas giant, most of the economy of this world is based on chemistry extraction and minerals from its moons. Orbital stations here are big and efficient. The total population of this giant and is moons is 6 Billion
  • Derele: Its a small gas giant, and as its beighboors it's economy is driven mostly by extraction. It has a total population of 3 Billion.
  • Thoruil: Another Giant, is its based as well in resource extraction. This planet is home to a military base of great proportions. Its total population is 4 Billion.
  • Yainoya: A rocky planet, with domes and bases. It has several large cities but is mostly dedicated to entertainment, extraction and chemical industries. Most of the resources extracted in Thoruil and Derele are sent here for processing. The total population is 6 Billion.
Zeurel A planets.jpg

Zeurel B

Zeurel B System

Zeurel B is an Orange Dwarf Star, and is by far the most populated and important of the two, as it is home of "the Big Five Worlds". The system has in all, a total population of 194 Billion. The Planets are as follow

  • Retius: It has a total population of 4 Billion. Most of the Population is not resident, as Retius holds one of the largest military facilities in the System, with up to 1 Billion people being temporary military residents.
  • Barino: The total population is 3 Billion
  • Roden: A large gassy planet, it's the closest tot the big five. Large domes are located here and many more are being incorporated. The toral population is 4 Billion.
  • Saikan: It's a very important world, it is spiritually important for those in the Union, and is one of the most culturally particular. It was also the first one to be colonized in the system, making it the oldest one as well. Its total population is 1 Billion.
  • Neldum: It's a very crucial world, most notably for its neighbor Saikan, and is a center of the manufacturing production. It has a total population of 55 Billion.
  • Ishai: This world was an icy world, suited for life. It was terraformed and is ice melted to become a large Ocean. The entire planet is covered in water, and its inhabitants live in large oceanic platforms. Most of the main economy is based in industry, fishing, agriculture of algae (for food and medical purposes), health, trade and most notably, military use and research. Most maritime training, testing or fabrication is elaborated here.The total population is 30 Billion.
  • Euden: A large world, it is a center of production and also of commerce. It is based on large farming and manufacturing products, chemicals and research. Its total population is 36 Billion.
  • Arkon: Its the most populated world in both systems, with a total population of 60 Billion.
  • Tershad: Its not habitable but still important industries and mineral extraction is produced here. It has a total population of 2 Billion.
  • Romulus-Remus: This Planet-binary system, is home to military bases and other important industries. Romulus has a population of 2 Billion while Remus has a total population of 1 Billion
    Zeurel B planets.jpg

View of the Big Five Worlds (those that are habitable in the Zeurel B system)