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The Zopoque is a Lacertian nation in the Lowiras Galaxy. It was formed in 95884 CE for the purpose of exploring and colonizing other worlds. It was preceded by smaller Lacertian nations which had not explored far into space. It is a Technocracy, where leaders are elected based on knowledge and experience in their department. It has made contact with Celeas and tensions between it and the Zopoque are high.



The Zopoque is Technocratic. Candidates are chosen based on proficiency in an area and voted for by the people. These candidates are elected to a council and manage the department they were chosen for. From every city to planet to the Ghenon itself, the Zopoquan government works under common rules. The leaders of the nation are known as Ghenonates.


Ghenon elections are held every 50 years. The current members of the Ghenon spend 5 years before the election to look for successors. Often, one of the successor is an apprentice of the Ghenonet. However, Ghenonates are required look for candidates that they do not know.


There are many departments in the Ghenon, and local governments are often modeled after it.

Department of Legislation

The Department of Legislation handles the making of federal law. It has to work with the Department of Justice and Department of Provinces to make laws that are agreeable to the nation.

Department of Justice

The Department of Justice is the department of the Zopoque governing judicial affairs. It holds the highest federal court.

Department of Exploration

The Department of Exploration is responsible for the scouting and surveying of planets. It does not colonize or settle the planets itself.

Department of Provinces

The Department of Provinces manages and interacts with the local governments of the Zopoque. It is responsible for giving unorganized territories official status.

Department of Energy Production

The Department of Energy Production governs the generation of energy and development of more efficient energy generation. Nuclear energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy are all common choices for power plants on planets. On starships, nuclear energy is far more common than any other.


The Zopoque led to the improvement and development of several technologies


The Gyrocompass was an early Lacertian invention which fell out of use after the development of satellite-based navigation. However, as alien worlds became targets of exploration, the Gyrocompass became useful in early colonization.

Fission Reclamation System

Invented by Hyq Sossoth, the Fission Reclamation System was a system which converted nuclear waste into more nuclear fuel. It created more efficient—though less powerful—nuclear fuel. This fuel could be reused in an automated system which could run for much longer without new fuel.



The Zopoque was formed in 95884 CE to unite the Lacertians in their efforts to reach new worlds. It was built on the ideals of practicality and merit. This goal led the Zopoque to make contact with Celeas, and the two nations are at odds with each other.

Formation: 95800s CE

The several nations on Calyion were at an impasse. It was the middle of an economic collapse. Energy production was too expensive, criminals could buy their way out of prisons, and no important work could be performed due to tariffs and unbalanced exchange rates. To solve this crisis, the great minds of the world were gathered to find a solution.

These best and brightest formed their own nation, deciding the best course of action was to unite with one currency, one government, one nation to manage all worlds. Because they had been given emergency powers for their decision, they were able to make this change, uniting all nations.