Zythyns are a species of sapient tripedal mammalians, which originated from Peleunsk Galaxy from the planet of Lowrokira. They are also the primary and founding species for the Lowzyol Federation. Since their genesis on the now famed planet, Zythyns have spread across the Aylothn-Lactea Group, establishing an intergalactic nation.

Being accustomed to the bitter and high-gravity climates of Lowrokira, Zythyns have evolved to become stalky, strong, and blubbery. Since Zythyns have a rather dense muscle system, they are known to be very fast on foot - outclassing Humans in optimal conditions. Zythyn stamina however is notably low, though it is considerably higher on planets with less gravity than Lowrokira. Stress from Lowrokira's gravity has also prompted Zythyn bodies to grow dense bone systems, with hearty muscle and fat content.

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