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Zyvoori is a fairly young world, being only 3.5 billion years old. It is located in a binary system, being the fourth planet from the stars, Gesh and Ximban.

It is the homeworld of the Zyvoori, 3.6ft tall, 3 eyed beings that inhabit small silvery cities, strewn between the great fungal forests. The Zyvoori are on a technological level similar to that of mid 21st century humanity and have already established a base on their moon and on the dwarf planet Fidani, the system's second world.


Zyvoori was discovered in 4128 during a large exploration mission of the Viana Cluster. Originally, crew aboard the ship didn't expect to find anything intelligent due to the planet's relatively young age however that changed when they found what looked like pointy silver structures poking out of the forest. Further exploration of the Gesh-Ximban system revealed that the Zyvoori had bases on their moon and the system's second world.

Despite their intelligence, the Zyvoori were left alone, in order to let them continue their development undisturbed.


Zyvoori formed in a stellar disc of dust and gas that surrounded Gesh and Ximban during their infancy.

Single celled organisms then started to emerge in Zyvoori's oceans and became multicellular millions of years later, soon coming onto land.

The Zyvoori species evolved 3 million years ago, originally being hunter gatherers that lived in small tribes amongst the wilderness. Due to their planet's low gravity, the Zyvoori were able to escape from any predator, very easily.