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The Zyvoori are a humanoid species from the planet of the same name.

Physical description

The Zyvoori stand 3.6 feet tall, have orange skin and four limbs. They have three eyes, two for normal sight, one for detecting heat signatures. There is also a mushroom-like growth on top of their cranium. Their arms and legs are somewhat lanky due to the low-gravity of their homeworld. Their hands have three digits and the same can be said for their feet, having only three toes.  


They are highly agile, being able to jump very high and perform powerful leaps as well as run exceedingly fast which allows them to easily escape from predators.


The Zyvoori first appeared 3 million years ago and started off as hunter gatherers, living in small tribes or gatherings, within safer regions of the wilderness however predators were no strangers to them but despite that, they had extreme agility and were very quick which their ancestors likely evolved.


The Zyvoori are at a technological level similar to mid 21st century Humanity and are only beginning explore their system, already having colonies on their moon which were built in 3015 and have a base on the dwarf planet Fidani which was built in 3047. Their first satellite was launched in 2647, giving them full detailed images of their world that many of the Zyvoori marveled at.

They live in small silvery cities strewn between the fungal forests, the tallest skyscrapers poking above the wild. These cities usually have large walls to keep out any potential predators. Others live in smaller villages, farming crops. Air travel is the most common way to get from city to city.